K-pop Idols

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  1. mina

    le sserafim please!!

  2. Rachmat

    Add Trendz

  3. jules

    Y’all are adding everyone except le sserafim 😭 please add them

  4. jules

    Le sserafim please

  5. cheesefrieslover82


  6. manchae

    pls add lesserafim

  7. Ivy

    Tick tidkc tokck

  8. anni2023

    xikers please, thanks luv<3

  9. Chaewon

    plz add lesserafim i told my sister they have leserrafim but shes going to be angry at me!!!!😠

  10. Jocelyn

    please add Project C i wanna know more about them!!!

    1. Jocelyn


  11. annie

    Add le sserafim please

    1. Annia

      Hey your right they should add that an update profit im so scarede ibbjr9

  12. kris

    How does someone update a profile? I noticed that several have not been updated for comebacks this year



  14. The Great Mermaid

    is no one making Le Sserafim?

  15. T

    Please add Nine.i

  16. m.

    Can you add le sserafim and tnx?

  17. Rachmat

    Please add TNX

  18. rachmatnite

    please add younite and tnx

  19. Choi Jisu itzy

    Pls add le sserafim

  20. Jinwoo

    Can you please add NTX and Kingdom