Weki Meki

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Weki Meki

” Let’s Get Crazy! Hello, we are Weki Meki! “

weki meki
PC: Fantagio
GroupWeki Meki | 위키미키
FandomKi-Ling | 키링
DebutAugust 8, 2017
Years Active2017 – present
Official ColorsCHERRY TOMATO
Official PagesYouTube #Channel
Instagram @weki_meki
Twitter @WekiMeki

Weki Meki Members

ji suyeonJi Suyeon
April 20, 1997
Main Vocalist
July 20, 1998
Lead Vocalist
choi yoojungChoi Yoojung
November 12, 1999
Main Rapper
Main Dancer
Sub Vocalist
kim doyeonKim Doyeon
December 4, 1999
Lead Vocalist
January 7, 2000
Sub Vocalist
October 6, 2000
Lead Rapper
Sub Vocalist
September 27, 2001
Lead Dancer
Sub Vocalist
August 31, 2002
Lead Dancer
Sub Rapper
Sub Vocalist

Weki Meki Members Profile & Facts

Ji Suyeon Profile

weki meki ji suyeon
PC: Fantagio
Full NameJi Suyeon | 지수연 | 池秀娟
BornApril 20, 1997
HometownIlsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height164cm | 5′-05″
Shoe Size230mm
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Younger Brother
EducationBaekseok Arts University
Hanlim Arts School
Bansong Middle School
Goyang Sinil Elementary School → Banseok Elementary School
PositionsLeader, Main Vocalist

Ji Suyeon Facts

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ELLY Profile

weki meki elly
PC: Fantagio
NameELLY | 엘리
Full NameJeong Haerim | 정해림
BornJuly 20, 1998
HometownSanbon-dong, Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height161cm | 5′-03″
Blood TypeB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister
EducationSanbon High School
Kokran Middle School
PositionLead Vocalist

ELLY Facts

  • Training Period: 4 years and 8 months
  • Hobbies: bowling, watching movies
  • Specialty: Taekwondo
  • She hates danmuji (pickled radish).
  • Favorites
    Animal: donkey
    Food: bread
    Musician: Richard Parkers
  • She was in a high school broadcasting club.
  • She participated in Produce 101 as a Fantagio trainee and her final rank was 47th.

Choi Yoojung Profile

weki meki choi yoojung
PC: Fantagio
Full NameChoi Yoojung | 최유정 | 崔有情
BornNovember 12, 1999
HometownGuri, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height157cm | 5′-02″
Shoe Size225mm
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Four Dogs, Cat
EducationGuri Girls’ High School → School of Performing Arts Seoul
Seoul Music High School (dropout)
Guri Girls’ Middle School
Inchang Elementary School
PositionsMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

Choi Yoojung Facts

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Kim Doyeon Profile

weki meki kim doyeon
PC: Fantagio
Full NameKim Doyeon | 김도연 | 金度延
BornDecember 4, 1999
HometownBupyeong, Incheon, South Korea
Height173cm | 5′-08″
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister, Older Brother
EducationSangji Girls’ High School → School of Performing Arts Seoul
Wonju Girls’ Middle School
Pyeongwon Elementary School
PositionLead Vocalist

Kim Doyeon Facts

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SEI Profile

weki meki sei
PC: Fantagio
NameSEI | 세이
Full NameLee Seojung | 이서정 | 李瑞庭
BornJanuary 7, 2000
HometownSongpa, Seoul, South Korea
Height163cm | 5′-04″
Shoe Size235mm
Blood TypeB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Brother, Younger Brother
EducationHankwang High School → Theos School
Ansan Joongang Middle School → Seoul Girls’ Middle School
Seoul Bangi Elementary School → Naejeong Elementary School → Seonbu Elementary School
PositionSub Vocalist

SEI Facts

  • She is a former Louders Entertainment trainee.
  • She got into Fantagio as a trainee in June 2016.
  • Hobbies: cooking, listening to music
  • She is a Christian.
  • Favorites
    Beverage: tea
    Color: light blue, blue, emerald
  • She likes organic products.
  • She participated in Produce 101 as a Louders Entertainment trainee and her final rank was 85th.

LUA Profile

weki meki lua
PC: Fantagio
NameLUA | 루아
Full NameKim Sookyung | 김수경
BornOctober 6, 2000
HometownSongpa, Seoul, South Korea
Height166cm | 5′-05″
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Older Brother
EducationLila Art High School
PositionsLead Rapper, Sub Vocalist

LUA Facts

  • Hobbies: ballet, belly dance
  • Specialty: vocal
  • She started learning ballet, belly dance and rhythmic gymnastics at 5.
  • She is a fan of Marvel Comics.

RINA Profile

weki meki rina
PC: Fantagio
NameRINA | 리나
Full NameKang Soeun | 강소은 | 姜昭恩
BornSeptember 27, 2001
HometownGangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height161cm | 5′-03″
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister, Older Brother, Twin Brother
EducationSchool of Performing Arts Seoul
Shinhwa Middle School
Seoul Hwagok Elementary School
PositionsLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist

RINA Facts

  • Hobbies: dancing
  • She was in a dance team NYDANCE before getting into Fantagio as a trainee.
  • She is good at drawing.

LUCY Profile

weki meki lucy
PC: Fantagio
NameLUCY | 루시
Full NameNoh Hyojung | 노효정 | 盧孝靜
BornAugust 31, 2002
HometownPungsan-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height169cm | 5′-07″
Blood TypeB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister
EducationSchool of Performing Arts Seoul
Sungshin Girls’ Middle School
Soongduck Elementary School
PositionsLead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist

LUCY Facts

  • She was born in Pungsan-dong and raised in Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.
  • She is a Christian.
  • Hobby: tap dancing
  • Specialty: splitting apples with her hands
  • TAEYEON is her role model.


3rd EP HIDE and SEEK
Digital Single DAZZLE DAZZLE
2019 Repackage Album WEEK END LOL
2019 2nd Single LOCK END LOL
1st Single KISS, KICKS
2nd EP Lucky
Digital Single Butterfly
2017 1st EP WEME

Weki Meki Facts

  • Ki-Ling: Darling + Key Ring
  • ELLY, Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon and SEI participated in Produce 101.
  • Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon were I.O.I members.
  • Artista, A-nana, etc were their group name candidates.