The Tale of Nokdu (2019)

The Tale of Nokdu | 조선로코 녹두전
KBS The Tale of Nokdu
GenreRomantic Comedy
ReleaseSeptember 30, 2019
BroadcastMondays, Tuesdays 10:00 pm KST
# of Episodes32
NetworksKBS, wavve
DirectorKim Donghwi
WritersLim Yejin, Baek Soyeon
StarringJang Dongyoon, Kim Sohyun


The Tale of Nokdu is a story of Jeon Nokdu, who dresses like a woman to sneak into the mysterious village of widows, and Dong Dongjoo, who does not want to be a gisaeng (female artist who entertains men with music, dance, etc).


  • Jang Dongyoon | Jeon Nokdu
    Jeon Nokdu is an ambitious man who is good looking, intelligent, and super athletic. However, he enters the village of widows due to the unexpected event and meets Dong Dongjoo.
    Jang Dongyoon Jeon Nokdu
  • Kim Sohyun | Dong Dongjoo
    Dong Dongjoo cannot sing and dance, but she can make anything with tools. So she just supports other gisaengs. Also, she is the most straightforward person in Joseon who speaks up against injustice.
    Kim Sohyun Dong Dongjoo
  • Kang Taeoh | Cha Yulmu
    Celebrity chef in Joseon.
    Kang Taeoh Cha Yulmu
  • Jung Joonho | Prince Gwanghae
    The king who has a strong desire for power.
  • Kim Taewoo | Heo Yoon
  • Lee Moonsik | General Hwang
  • Lee Seungjun | Jung Yoonjeo (Jeon Yoonho)
    Nokdu and Hwangtae’s dad.
  • Yun Yoosun | Chun Haengsoo
    Village of widows head.
  • Song Geonhee | Jeon Hwangtae
    Nokdu’s older brother.
  • Jo Soohyang | Kim Ssook
  • Han Garim | Noh Yeonboon
  • Song Chaeyoon | Min Deulre
  • Koh Geonhan | Yeongeun
  • Lee Jubin | Mae Hwasu
    Dongjoo’s friend.
  • Park Dayeon | Hwang Aengdu (7)
    General Hwang’s daughter who lives next to Nokdu’s house.
  • Yoon Sabong | Kang Soonyeo
  • Hwang Miyoung | Park Boknyeo


  • The Tale of Nokdu (2019) is based on the popular webtoon “Nokdujeon (녹두전; the tale of Nokdu)” by Hyejinyang.
    KBS The Tale of Nokdu
  • Kim Donghwi is the director of The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (2015 – 2016) and Fight for My Way (2017).
  • Lim Yejin is the writer of Who Are You (2015), Love in the Moonlight (2016) and If We Were a Season (2017).
  • Baek Soyeon is the writer of KBS Drama Special Kang Deoksun’s Love History (2017).
  • Cha Yulmu is the new character that the webtoon ‘Nokdujeon’ did not include.
  • First Script Reading #YouTube
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