Jang Dongyoon Profile, Facts, Pre-Debut & Filmography

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Jang Dongyoon Profile

jang dongyoon profile and facts
Full NameJang Dongyoon | 장동윤 | 張東允
BornJuly 12, 1992
HometownBeomeo-dong, Suseong, Daegu, South Korea
Height177cm | 5′-10″
Shoe Size265 – 270mm
Blood TypeB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Brother, Dong-ee (Korean Shorthair Cat)
EducationHanyang University
Gyeongsin High School
Dongdo Middle School
Daegu Gyeongdong Elementary School
Years Active2016 – present
AgencyDongyi Company


In 2015, Jang Dongyoon was interviewed by SBS News because he made a police report after he caught convenience store robbery.
Korean Actor police report news
(TMI: He went to the convenience store to buy a lottery ticket.)
After this interview, he received an offer from Clover Company. He already got an internship offer from a finance company, but he rejected it and joined Clover Company.

He also received a Certification of Appreciation.
Jang Dongyoon police report

Jang Dongyoon Yearbook Photos

jang dongyoon predebut
jang dongyoon predebut


2020 Run Boy Run
2018 Beautiful Days Zhen Chen


TV Series

2020 OCN Search Yong Dongjin
2019 KBS The Tale of Nokdu Jeon Nokdu
KBS Just Dance Kwon Seungchan
tvN Mr. Sunshine Joonyoung
tvN A Poem a Day Shin Minho
2017 KBS [Drama Special] If We Were a Season Eom Giseok
2017 KBS School 2017 Song Daehwi
2016 – 2017 JTBC Solomon’s Perjury Han Jihoon

Web Drama
2016 Game Development Girls Gom Gaebal

2018 KBS [Drama Special] The Tuna and the Dolphin

Music Videos

2017 Naul Emptiness in Memory
2016 BOL4 Galaxy
2016 10cm That 5 Minutes

Jang Dongyoon Facts

  • Fandom (unofficial): DongUniverse
  • He wanted to get a job in the Media field (a film director, an author, a journalist, etc) before his debut.
  • Dongyoon is studying Economics & Finance at Hanyang University (Seoul campus). He wanted to study Korean Literature or Journalism, but he got rejected from all colleges he applied to as a Korean Literature or a Journalism major.
  • Jang Dongyoon completed his mandatory military service (May 2012 – February 2014).
    Korean Actor Military
  • Writing poetry is one of his hobbies and he wants to publish his poetry someday.
  • He can play a guitar. He was a electric guitar player in his college band.
  • Actor Song Kangho is his role model.
  • He was a high school discussion club member.
  • Some people say he looks like actors Lee Jehoon and Kim Soohyun.
  • He likes swimming.
  • He is certified as a lifeguard.
  • Beef Wellington is the best dish that he can cook.
  • He has a driver’s license.
  • Dongyoon does not have his Instagram account. Check Dongyi Company’s Instagram account @dongyicompany.official to get his updates.
  • He does not wear perfume.
  • He does not like soccer.
  • Ideal Type: someone who is polite and likes babies and animals (because he loves babies and animals).
  • He does Pilates.


  • Actor: Song Kangho
  • Baskin-Robbins Flavor: shooting star
    (Least Favorite: mint chocolate chip)
  • Coffee: iced americano
  • Colors: blue, white
  • Dessert: cakes (tiramisu)


  • Wangsimni Jang Hyungsa (hyungsa = inspector): His college friends called him Wangsimni Jang Hyungsa because every time he saw students smoking cigarettes, he reported that to the students’ schools (TMI: Hanyang University is in Wangsimni, Seoul).
  • Marine Boy: He was called Marine Boy when he was in the military because he is a great swimmer.

Jang Dongyoon Family

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Older Brother
    Name: Jang Dongjin | 장동진
    Born: 1991
    Education: Seoul National University
  • Dongyi (female)
    Breed: Korean Shorthair Cat
    Born: October 20, 2016