Kim Minkyu
kim minkyu
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Kim Minkyu is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in the 2020 web drama POP OUT BOY!.

Full NameKim Minkyu | 김민규 | 金旻奎
BornMarch 12, 2001
Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
HometownUlsan, South Korea
Height185cm | 6′-01″
Shoe Size280mm
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Younger Sister
EducationMunhyun High School → Youngdong High School
Hwaam Middle School
Munhyeon Elementary School
Years Active2020 – present
AgencyJellyfish Entertainment
Official Pageig


Kim Minkyu Pre-Debut

kim minkyu predebut
kim minkyu predebut


TV Series

Web Drama
2020 POP OUT BOY! Cheon Namwook

Kim Minkyu Facts

  • Fandom (unofficial): MooMin-dan – Moojogeon Minkyu Dan (squad ‘Absolute Minkyu’)
  • He was born in Gumi and raised in Ulsan.
  • His name Minkyu means ‘star in the sky’.
  • Role Model: His Parents
  • His Dream Jobs: Power Rangers → Historian → Business Man → Singer / Actor
  • Kim Minkyu passed an audition for Jellyfish Entertainment in 11th grade.
  • He was Produce X 101 trainees’ visual pick No. 1.
  • If a Genie granted him three wishes:
    First Wish: Let me make a lot of money
    Second Wish: Let all MooMin-dan be happy
    Third Wish: Let me wish for three more wishes
  • Kim Minkyu was a member of the high school band ‘No Plan’. He was a lead singer, but he changed his position to a drummer because he really wanted to perform, but the band decided to have a woman lead singer and a drummer was the empty position.
  • He plays drum for stress relief.
  • Kim Minkyu visited LA, California on September 23, 2019 for a photoshoot. It was his first flight. He was not able to sleep night before his first flight because he was so nervous.
  • He said he is tall because his mom is tall.
  • If he had a Time Machine, he would go back to his 6th grade and practice dancing.
  • He cannot eat grilled fish.
  • When he was 5, he told his younger sister that Santa was not real.
  • He can play piano, guitar and drums.


  • Ming-gyu / Mingyu
  • Pepero (빼빼로; biscuit stick): Nickname in his elementary school yearbook.
    kim minkyu predebut


  • Animal: dogs
  • Character: Homer Simpson
  • Color: pink, black
  • Food: samgyeopsal (pork belly)
  • Marvel Character: Iron Man
  • Music Genre: ballad
  • Season of the Year: Winter
  • Subject in School: history
  • Time of Day: 7:00 am


  • Mother
  • Father
  • Younger Sister
    Born: 2003

Produce X 101 (2019)

Produce X 101
produce produce

Produce X 101 Rank
EpisodeRank▲ ▼

Group BattlePosition (Vocal)ConceptFinal
ArtistNCT UBOL4Daily Vitamin
TitleThe 7th SenseTo My YouthMonday to SundayTo My World
PositionVocal 2Sub VocalistVocalistSub Vocalist 3
Rank 11 / 63 / 52 / 7
Rank 227 / 1006 / 2012 / 31


  • He participated in Produce X 101 as a Jellyfish Entertainment trainee after 8 months of training.
  • Produce X 101 Comment: ” I will go from a seed to a flower! “
  • Grade: X → D
  • He was the center of the Produce X 101 final song “Dream For You”.