Kim Minkyu (Jellyfish)

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Kim Minkyu
Kim Minkyu Profile
Full NameKim Minkyu | 김민규 | 金旻奎
BornMarch 12, 2001
HometownGumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Height184cm | 6′-00″
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Younger Sister (2003)
EducationMunhyun High School → Youngdong High School
Hwaam Middle School
Munhyeon Elementary School
LabelJellyfish Entertainment
Official PageInstagram @kimminkyu_0312


Kim Minkyu Pre-Debut Photos


2019 Banila Co.
Banila Co.


Singles December 2019
DAZED KOREA November 2019
DAZED KOREA 2019 Fall Edition
Grazia Korea October 2019
NYLON KOREA October 2019
DAZED KOREA September 2019
1st LOOK Vol. 181


  • Fanbase (unofficial): MooMin-dan (무민단) – Moojogeon Minkyu Dan (Team “Absolute Kim Minkyu”)
  • Kim Minkyu was born in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do and raised in Dong-gu, Ulsan.
  • Role Model: His Parents
  • His Dream Jobs: Power Rangers → Historian → Business Man → Singer / Actor
  • Kim Minkyu passed audition for Jellyfish Entertainment when he was in 11th grade.
  • He was Produce X 101 trainees’ visual pick No. 1.
  • He was the center of the Produce X 101 final song ‘Dream For You’.
  • Kim Minkyu is Banila Co.’s first male model.
  • If a Genie granted him three wishes:
    First Wish: Let me make a lot of money
    Second Wish: Let all MooMin-dan be happy
    Third Wish: Let me wish for three more wishes
  • Kim Minkyu was a member of the high school band called ‘No Plan’. He was a lead singer, but he changed his position to a drummer because he really wanted to perform, but the band decided to have a woman lead singer and a drummer was the empty position.
  • He plays drum for stress relief.
  • Kim Minkyu visited LA, California on September 23, 2019 for a photoshoot. It was his first flight (first time flyer’s awkward moment #YouTube). He was not able to sleep night before his first flight because he was so nervous.
  • The most interesting thing he saw in LA was school buses.
  • He said he is tall because his mom is tall.
  • If he had a Time Machine, he would go back to his 6th grade and practice dancing.
  • He cannot eat grilled fish.
  • When he was a kid, he hated getting his hair cut. So his mom just permed his hair.
  • When he was 5, he told his younger sister that Santa was not real.
  • Some people say he looks like Cha Eunwoo.


  • Ming-gyu / Mingyu
  • Pepero (빼빼로; biscuit stick): Nickname from his elementary school yearbook.
    Kim Minkyu Elementary School yearbook

Favorites / Choices

  • Animal: dogs
  • Baskin-Robbins: shooting star, mint chocolate chip
  • Character: Homer Simpson
  • Color: pink
  • Food: Samgyeopsal (pork belly)
  • Marvel Character: Iron Man
  • Season of the Year: Winter
  • Subject in School: history
  • Time of Day: 7:00 am
  • Dance vs. Vocal
  • Mountains vs. Beach
  • Movie Genre: Romance vs. Action
  • Strawberry Cake vs. Chocolate Cake

Produce X 101 (2019)

Produce X 101 Kim Minkyu Profile
Full NameKim Minkyu | 김민규
BornMarch 12, 2001
Height | Weight183cm | 62kg
LabelJellyfish Entertainment
Training Period8 months
HobbyReading Champ Comics
SpecialtiesDrum | Table Tennis | Acting
Comment” I will go from a seed to a flower! “


EpisodeRank▲ ▼


LabelTitle Song
Artist | TitleVIXX – Love Equation101 Boys – X1-MA
Group BattlePosition (Vocal)ConceptFinal
ArtistNCT UBOL4Daily Vitamin
TitleThe 7th SenseTo My YouthMonday to SundayTo My World
PositionVocal 2Sub VocalistSub VocalistSub Vocalist 3
Rank 11 / 63 / 52 / 7
Rank 227 / 1006 / 2012 / 31
1:1 Eye Contact #YouTube#YouTube#YouTube

Episode 0

Profile Pictures #Instagram
60 Seconds PR #YouTube
Cookies, Don’t Go Away #YouTube
” I will go from a baby fish to a big fish. “
Hidden Box Mission #YouTube
item: San-nakji (live octopus)
with Song Hyeongjun (Starship Entertainment)
Don’t Drop the Apple! #YouTube
with Koo Jungmo (Starship Entertainment)

Concept Poster

Produce x 101 concept poster


Stage 1: Snack Box#Instagram
Stage 2: Vitamin Box#Instagram
Stage 3: Beauty Box#Instagram
Stage 4: MCM Cap & Golden Dog Charm#Instagram

DEAR.101 Special Photo

DEAR.101 Special Photo