Daekyeong Middle School

TypePrivate Middle School
Grades1-3 (= 7-9)
SymbolsTree: Maidenhair Tree
Flower: Forsythia Koreana
Address111 Maebong 18-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Official Pagehttps://dk.sen.ms.kr/index.do

Daekyeong Middle School Alumni

K-pop Idols

  • HYOJIN (April 22, 1994): ONF leader (ON Team)
  • J-US (January 13, 1995): ONF leader (OFF Team)
  • YONGHEE (February 17, 2000): CIX member
  • Bae Jinyoung (May 10, 2000): CIX member
  • Jang Yubin (June 10, 2004): MIRAE member


  • In 1st (7th) grade, HYOJIN and J-US (ONF) were in the same classroom.
  • In 2nd (8th) grade, YONGHEE and Bae Jinyoung (CIX) were in the same classroom.

+ Students are assigned to classrooms at the beginning of school year. Classrooms are kept the same throughout the year.

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