School of Performing Arts Seoul

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SchoolSchool of Performing Arts Seoul
TypePrivate Arts High School
Grades1-3 (= 10-12)
DepartmentsApplied Music
Practical Dance
Stage Arts
Theatre & Film (formerly Theatre Arts / Broadcasting Arts)
Address16-26 Ori-ro 22na-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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K-pop Idols

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K-pop Idols Who Transferred from SOPA to Another High School

  • JIYEON (T-ARA) transferred to Lila Art High School.
  • JOHNNY (NCT) transferred to Glenbrook North High School.


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  1. serli

    apa nama akun ig sopa?

  2. rebecca

    hot issue hyeongshin class of 2021 (practical dance) and hot issue dana class of 2022 (practical music)

  3. hannn

    ZUU of SECRET NUMBER was on Class of 2019 Practical Dance with Yoojung, Hyunjin, and Yongseung.

  4. jell

    What about Jo Twins from boyfriend

  5. Aliah


  6. Aliah

    Can i know what course /class that Hohyeon and Kangmin TRCNG?

  7. Erika

    Also, karin was on Theater and Film Department, same as minju and suyun

  8. Bbom

    Hi! Could you please include Kim Bomin from Red Square? She graduated the same year as Lucy and Yeojin! Thank you!

  9. Hamida

    How come I.N from Stray Kids graduated in 2021? Was his birthday too late to start early or something?

  10. yas

    then how about jisoo from blackpink ?

  11. ryeol

    how about dino from seventeen?

  12. Monina

    And where is Jungkook from BTS???

  13. Judit

    Hi someone can explain me in what grades are they? I refer if the are in 1st year, 2nd year, ect…

    1. ka

      High school lasts 3 years and the first semester begins in March.
      Class of 2021 (currently in 3rd year) will graduate in February 2021.

      in 2021
      Class of 2024: 1st year
      Class of 2023: 2nd year
      Class of 2022: 3rd year

      1. Judit

        So in 2022 the class of 2025 will be the 1st year, right?

        the 1st year is likely 10th grade, the 2nd like 11th and the 3rd like 12th, right?

        1. ka

          Yes !

          in 2022
          Class of 2025: 1st year
          Class of 2024: 2nd year
          Class of 2023: 3rd year
          Class of 2022: will graduate in February 2022.

          Koreans would not say “I’m in 9th grade” ” I’m in 11th grade”. They say “I’m in the third year of middle school” “I’m in the second year of high school”.
          But yes! 1st year of high school = 10th grade

          Elementary School: 6 years = 1st-6th grade
          Middle School: 3 years = 7th-9th grade
          High School: 3 years = 10th-12th grade

  14. 89439294

    you forgot kim minju for class of 2019

  15. Yeaykaaa

    Whyy dont u include lee hi in 2015?