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Hotel Del Luna | 호텔 델루나
tvN Hotel Del Luna
ReleaseJuly 13, 2019
BroadcastSaturdays, Sundays 9:00 pm KST
# of Episodes16
DirectorsOh Choonghwan, Kim Junghyun (EP5 – EP16)
WritersHong Jungeun, Hong Miran
StarringLee Jieun, Yeo Jingoo


Hotel Del Luna is a fantasy drama based on a hotel for wandering spirits. The Hotel Del Luna, located in downtown Seoul, is an old building, but wandering ghosts who can see its true glory visit this hotel and get superior guest services.


  • Lee Jieun (IU) | Jang Manwol
    Instagram @fullmoon.long
    Jang Manwol, the Hotel Del Luna owner, is an elegant and beautiful, but cranky woman. She committed a sin and has been staying in the hotel for over 1000 years.
    tvN Hotel Del Luna
  • Yeo Jingoo | Goo Chansung
    Goo Chansung is an elite hotelier. He is the youngest manager at the top hospitality company, but he accepts the job offer from the Hotel Del Luna due to a fateful event.
    tvN Hotel Del Luna
  • Lee Taeseon | Yeonwoo
    Manwol’s right-hand man.
  • Jung Donghwan | Noh Joonseok
    Manager Noh. Manwol’s assistant for 30 years.
  • Lee Dohyun | Ko Chungmyung
    Descendant of Koguryo. Hotel Del Luna’s first guest.
  • Cho Hyunchul | Sanchez
    Chansung’s best friend and roommate. Prince of the pizza kingdom.
  • Pyo Jihoon (Block B P.O) | Ji Hyunjoong (19)
    Bellhop. The youngest employee at the hotel.
  • Kang Mina (gugudan Mina) | Kim Yuna (18)
    High school student
  • Shin Junggeun | Kim Seonbi
    Bartender. The longest working employee (500 years) at the hotel.
  • Park Yuna | Princess Songhwa, Lee Mira
  • Kang Hongsuk | Sasin
    Guide who delivers wandering spirits to the underworld.
  • Bae Haesun | Choi Seohee
    Hotel clerk with 200 years of experience.
  • Seo Yisuk | Magosin
  • Oh Jiho | Goo Hyunmo
    Chansung’s father.
  • Lee Joongi
  • Lee Sieon
  • Kim Joonhyeon | Kim Joonhyeon
  • Pyo Yejin
  • Nam Dareum | Daedongjungshin
    Well spirit.
  • Sulli | Jung Jieun
    CEO Wang’s granddaughter.
  • Kim Soohyun
    The Hotel Blue Moon owner.


  • Oh Choonghwan is the director of The Doctors (2016) and While You Were Sleeping (2017).
  • Hong Jungeun and Hong Miran (The Hong Sisters) are the writers of Delightful Girl, Chun-Hyang (2005), Couple or Trouble (2006), The Greatest Love (2011), Master’s Sun (2013), etc.