Hanlim Arts School



“Hanlim Arts, we are the standard.”

Hanlim Arts School
AKAHanlim Arts High School, Hanlim Multi Arts School
TypeAccredited Private Lifelong Education Facility
Grades1-3 (= 10-12)
DepartmentsApplied Music
Broadcasting & Entertainment
Fashion Model
Film Making
Musical Theatre
Practical Dance
Address172 Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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K-pop Idols Who Transferred to Another High School

Jung Jinsung transferred to Apgujeong High School.


SEUNGHUN (CIX) :: Applied Music
CHAN (TO1) :: Practical Dance
JIHOON (TREASURE) :: Applied Music
TAESEON (former TRCNG) :: Applied Music
Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) :: Applied Music
HYUNSOO (TNX) :: Applied Music

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  1. Noah

    Daniel is actually a Bighit trainee

  2. mina

    Kim Daniel (I-LAND) is not a Pledis trainee, he is a Bighit trainee.

    1. karli

      Definitely not, trainee A is already graduated and his whereabouts said he is at pledis entertainment

      1. 🍀💚Yang💚🍀

        Sangwon already graduated so

  3. w

    sorry for my stupid question but is it hanlim official website?

    1. noah

      No it isn’t

  4. i

    Hi! Saw Huh Yunjin added for Class 2022. I just wanted to ask from which source this information came from? I wasn’t aware she hasn’t graduated yet. A reply would be very helpful!

    1. Havo

      she was actually class of 2021, but she was back to US before graduated (either dropped or transferred)

  5. Tya

    Yerin Baek from 15& is from class of 2016 too

  6. Shenylm

    how about jeon jimin as miso dreamnote? isn’t he from hanlim?

  7. nops

    juri from rocking doll is a student at hanlim, she’s in class of 2022 (practical in dance)

  8. nop

    juri from rocking doll is a student at hanlim too, she’s in class of 2022 (practical in dance)

  9. anneyeong

    actually sang won from trainee a( a group from bight which has not debuted) is attending Hanim too… I think he is in the same year as jay and sunos because he is an 03. he might be in the dance department

  10. Maxx

    You forgot Harin and Kanghyun from OneWe. They were schoolmates with CyA, 2 years older

  11. chaeyoung

    he isn’t an idol yet but kyungmin from i-land is at student at hanlim

  12. eunkyul

    LUNARSOLAR member Jian graduated from Hanlim in 2020! Also soloist and former UNI.T member NC.A graduated, but I’m not sure when.

  13. SQJ1507

    Wang Yibo had graduated in 2017???

  14. Ayush Jain

    You forget to mention Daisy and Ahin Of Momoland

  15. girl you got a body like sriracha

    same class or just same department?

  16. S14NL3V1

    Sian from T1419 went to this school too, he probably graduated the same year as Kevin from T1419! I think he might was on dance, but i have no info about that.

  17. Orange Tea

    Lee Saerom : Applied Music
    Song Hayoung : Practical Dance
    Lee Chaeyoung : not sure

  18. snguyen

    you forgot Park Ji-min of 15& she graduated in 2016 !