STAYC Single • Teddy Bear


“It’s our first time in this life.”

Teddy Bear is a single by the K-pop girl group STAYC, released on February 14, 2023.

In this complicated world where there is no right answer but demands an answer. Wouldn’t it be comfortable if we all put it in ‘Airplane Mode’ for a while and have a ‘Teddy Bear’ who silently stands by us?

Tracklist & Credits

teddy bearSTAYC Single
Teddy Bear
February 14, 2023
#TitleLyrics byComposed byArranged by
01Teddy Bear lyricsB.E.P, Jeon GoonB.E.P, FLYTRado, FLYT
02Poppy (Korean Ver.) lyricsB.E.P, Moon Seoul, Moon Daeun, Co-shoB.E.P, FLYT, will.bRado, FLYT

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