NMIXX 1st EP • expérgo


expérgo is the first EP by the K-pop girl group NMIXX, released on March 20, 2023.

The world NMIXX wants is a place with peculiar but lovely beings living together. It’s a place where everyone understands and embraces differences. The girls keep wanting to become connected to various beings and go to MIXXTOPIA with as many people as possible. The girls who opened their eyes to the new world first now take action themselves to make others open their eyes, too.

The girls find the objets of wisdom, love, and courage people need and deliver them. People who get wisdom, love, and courage hear a powerful resonance deep inside their hearts. At last, they open their eyes through the change in thought and become connected to NMIXX.

The moment NMIXX and NSWER dock with each other, all the senses in the world awaken, and diverse colors and light explode.

Tracklist & Credits

nmixxNMIXX 1st EP
March 20, 2023
#TitleLyrics byComposed byArranged by
01Young, Dumb, Stupid lyricsOh Hyunsun (lalala studio), Moon Yeoreum (Jamfactory), Lee Seuran, Park Sangyoo (PNP)Brian U (THE HUB), HONEY NOISE (THE HUB), Brown Panda (THE HUB), Frankie Day (THE HUB), Awry (THE HUB)Brian U (THE HUB), HONEY NOISE (THE HUB), Brown Panda (THE HUB)
02Love Me Like This lyricsLee Hyejun (ONCLASSA), Jennifer Eunsoo Kim, Jang Eunji (153/Joombas), Shin Hyemi (PNP), Oh Hyunsun (lalala studio), WklyGreg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Taet Chesterton, Gavin JonesLDN Noise
03PAXXWORD lyricsMosPick, Young ChanceMosPick, Young ChanceMosPick
04Just Did ItLee Seuran, Hezen (MUSIC CUBE)KENZIE, Fabian Torsson, Harry Sommerdahl, Ylva DimbergFabian Torsson, Harry Sommerdahl
05My GoshCho YuriAFTRSHOK, Brian U (THE HUB), Lee Chan, Ayushy (THE HUB), Awry (THE HUB), Chanti (THE HUB), Charlotte WilsonAFTRSHOK, Brian U (THE HUB)
06HOMEdanke (lalala studio), gxxdkelvinAFTRSHOK, Brian U (THE HUB), Frankie Day (THE HUB), Jacob Aaron (THE HUB)AFTRSHOK, Brian U (THE HUB)

Love Me Like This Music Video