“Thrown into the GAME: Will you ACCEPT your fate? Or will you CONFRONT your fate?”

ENTWURF is a single by the K-pop girl group NMIXX, released on September 19, 2022.

In a game-like journey, the girls who got the chance to expand their own world, ‘MIXX’, eventually realize a fact that would change their lives forever. The fact that the DICE has already been thrown, and the power to make their fate lies within their own hands.

Through the life-changing experiences they have went through during their journey towards ‘MIXXTOPIA’ with expanding their ‘MIXX’, the girls finally learn how to fully accept and realize their own emotions (COOL (Your rainbow)) and understand the importance of having faith in their own choices. Now, the fate of NMIXX is in the hands of the girls.

The girls will now continue to find the meaning of existence and make countless decisions under their own names. Then, the girls will reach out their hands toward you so that you can face your own fears and break through them, leading you to a ‘WONDERFUL NEW WORLD’ that lies over the rainbow.

Tracklist & Credits

nmixxNMIXX Single
September 19, 2022
#TitleLyrics byComposed byArranged by
01DICE lyricsDr.JO (153/Joombas), Myung Hyein (Jamfactory), danke (lalala studio), Cha Yirin (153/Joombas), Baek Saeim (Jamfactory), Zaya (153/Joombas), Park Jihyun (153/Joombas)ARMADILLO, RANGA, Frankie Day (THE HUB), Charlotte Wilson (THE HUB), THE HUB 88, JonkindARMADILLO, RANGA
02COOL (Your rainbow) lyricsPark Rang (VERYGOODS), Cho Yuri, Hannah Robinson, Call Me LoopARMADILLO, Hannah Robinson, Call Me Loop, HOJI, Nile Lee, won.ARMADILLO
03DICE (Inst.)ARMADILLO, RANGA, Frankie Day, Charlotte Wilson, THE HUB 88, JonkindARMADILLO, RANGA
04COOL (Your rainbow) (Inst.)ARMADILLO, Hannah Robinson, Call Me Loop, HOJI, Nile Lee, won.ARMADILLO

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