IU 5th Album • LILAC


“Without any doubt, I’m moving on to the next chapter.”

LILAC is the fifth album by IU, released on March 25, 2021.

In her fifth album, LILAC, IU embraces the symbolism of lilacs as memories of youth to bid farewell to her 20s and welcome her 30s. She crafted this album with gratitude for all the people who supported her throughout her 20s.

Tracklist & Credits

lilacIU 5th Album
March 25, 2021
#TitleLyrics byComposed byArranged by
01LILAC lyricsIUimsuho, Dr.JO, Woong Kim, N!koimsuho, Woong Kim, N!ko
02FluIURyan S. Jhun, Martin Coogan, Madilyn Bailey, Zacchariah Palmer, London Jackson, Jacob ChatelainJacob Chatelain, London Jackson, Ryan S. Jhun
03Coin lyricsIUPoptime, Kako, IUPoptime
04Hi spring ByeIUNAULKang Hwaseong
05CelebrityIURyan S. Jhun, Jeppe London Bilsby, Lauritz Emil Christiansen, IU, Chloe Latimer, Celine SvanbackJeppe London Bilsby, Lauritz Emil Christiansen, Ryan S. Jhun
06Troll (feat. DEAN)IU, DEANPark Woosang, JUNNY, DEANPark Woosang
08My seaIUJeHwi, Kim HeewonJeHwi
09Ah puhIU, Lee ChanhyukLee Chanhyuk, PEEJAYPEEJAY
10EpilogueIUSim Eunjee, SUMIN, Kim Suyoung, KeumbeeSim Eunjee, Kim Suyoung