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PC: J9 Entertainment
Group시그니처 | cignature
Fandom싸인팬 | SignFan
DebutFebruary 4, 2020
Years Active2020 – present
LabelJ9 Entertainment
Official PagesYouTube #Channel
Instagram @cignature_j9
Twitter @cignature_J9

cignature Members

” cignature Move! Hello, we are cignature! “

July 14, 1998
Sub Vocalist
April 1, 1999
Sub Vocalist
June 20, 2000
Lead Rapper
Sub Vocalist
November 3, 2001
Lead Vocalist
April 10, 2002
Lead Dancer
Sub Vocalist

cignature Members Profile & Facts


cignature chaesol
PC: J9 Entertainment
NameCHAESOL | 채솔
Full NameMoon Chaesol | 문채솔
BornJuly 14, 1998
HometownSouth Korea
Height170cm | 5′-07″
Shoe Size245mm
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father
EducationHanlim Arts School
PositionSub Vocalist


  • She is a former GOOD DAY member.
  • Motto: Carpe diem.
  • Hobbies: watching movies and TV Series, reading, listening to music, cycling, walking
  • Specialties: piano, acting
  • Her childhood dream was to become a teacher or a singer.
  • Favorites
    Color: white, black
    Food: beef, steamed rice, salmon
    Dessert: ice cream
    Season of the Year: summer, winter
    Singer: Girls’ Generation, YOUNHA, AKMU
  • She does not like pickles, onions and jalapeño.
  • She participated in THE UNI+ (final rank 57th).


cignature jeewon
PC: J9 Entertainment
NameJEEWON | 지원
Full NameKim Jiwon | 김지원
BornApril 1, 1999
HometownSouth Korea
Height166cm | 5′-05″
Shoe Size235mm
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Younger Brother
EducationDuksoo High School
PositionCenter, Sub Vocalist


  • She is a former Polaris Entertainment trainee.
  • She is a former GOOD DAY member and her stage name was JIWON.
  • Hobbies: playing games, sleeping
  • Best Physical Trait: hands
  • Her childhood dream was to become a celebrity.
  • Favorites
    Color: pastel colors
    Food: everything except olives
    Season of the Year: Spring
  • She modeled for an online shopping mall Sonyunara before her debut.
  • She participated in THE UNI+ (final rank 11th).


cignature seline
PC: J9 Entertainment
NameSELINE | 셀린
Full NameJung Yeonjung | 정연정
BornJune 20, 2000
HometownSouth Korea
Height169cm | 5′-07″
Shoe Size245mm
Blood TypeAB
FamilyMother, Father, Dog
EducationHanlim Arts School
Bangwon Middle School
PositionLead Rapper, Sub Vocalist


  • Hobbies: collecting clothes and shoes, watching videos while lying down, watching YouTube videos
  • Motto: Live each day as if it were your last.
  • She cannot drink coffee.
  • Her childhood dream was to become a teacher.
  • Favorites
    Beverage: chocolate latte
    Color: purple
    Food: meat
    Season of the Year: summer


cignature belle
PC: J9 Entertainment
NameBELLE | 벨
Full NameJin Hyeonju | 진현주
BornNovember 3, 2001
HometownNaju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Height162cm | 5′-04″
Shoe Size240mm
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Younger Brother
EducationLila Art High School
PositionLead Vocalist


  • She is a former GOOD DAY member and her stage name was LUCKY.
  • Motto: Make today better than yesterday.
  • Hobbies: organizing, watching TV series, listening to music, walking around
  • Favorites
    Season of the Year: spring
  • Her childhood dream was to become a ballerina, a fashion designer or a teacher.
  • She does not like cucumbers and onions.
  • She took her middle school equivalency test and passed it.
  • Belle participated in THE UNI+ (final rank 24th).


cignature semi
PC: J9 Entertainment
NameSEMI | 세미
Full NameGoo Semi | 구세미
BornApril 10, 2002
HometownSouth Korea
Height166cm | 5′-05″
Shoe Size230 – 235mm
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father
PositionLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist

SEMI Facts

  • She is a former JYP Entertainment trainee.
  • Motto: Never give up.
  • Hobbies: playing games, watching movies
  • Specialty: eating
  • Best Physical Trait: eyes
  • Favorites
    Color: light blue, blue
    Food: meat
    Girl Group: Girls’ Generation
    Season of the Year: fall
  • Her childhood dream was to become a celebrity.


1st EP Listen and Speak
Debut Lead Single B ASSA
Debut Lead Single A NUN NU NAN NA

cignature Facts

  • La La Girls, ABC, Ahjjoo, etc were their group name candidates.
  • CHAESOL, JEEWON and BELLE are former GOOD DAY members.

Former cignature Members

NameBornPositionYears Active
YEAHOctober 9, 1999Main Vocalist, Lead DancerFebruary 4, 2020 – April 27, 2021
SUNNFebruary 7, 2000Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Sub VocalistFebruary 4, 2020 – April 27, 2021