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block b remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment

Block B

GroupBlock B | 블락비
FandomBBC | 비비씨
DebutApril 15, 2011
Years Active2011 – present
LabelKQ Entertainment (SEVEN SEASONS)
Official PagesYouTube @7seasons2013
Instagram @blockb_official_
Twitter @blockb_official

Block B Members

” Do U Wanna B! Block B! Hello, we are Block B! “

September 24, 1990
Main Vocalist
December 14, 1990
Main Dancer
Sub Vocalist
December 23, 1990
Sub Vocalist
April 9, 1992
Lead Dancer
Sub Vocalist
park kyungPark Kyung
July 8, 1992
Lead Rapper
September 14, 1992
Main Rapper
February 2, 1993
Sub Rapper

Block B Members Profile & Facts

TAEIL Profile

block b taeil remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameTAEIL | 태일
Full NameLee Taeil | 이태일 | 李泰欥
BornSeptember 24, 1990
HometownSouth Korea
Height167cm | 5′-06″
Blood TypeAB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister (1988), Younger Brother (Lee Taehyung, 1999)
EducationGlobal Cyber University
Songpa Middle School
PositionMain Vocalist


  • He started singing in 10th grade.
  • Training Period: 3 months
  • He has 600 – 700 tropical fish.
  • Hobby: riding a motorcycle
  • He likes to collect glasses.
  • He participated in Star Audition.
  • Ideal Type: someone who has a pretty smile.
  • Mandatory Military Service:
    June 10, 2019 – January 4, 2021

B-BOMB Profile

block b b-bomb remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameB-BOMB | 비범
Full NameLee Minhyuk | 이민혁 | 李民赫
BornDecember 14, 1990
HometownSouth Korea
Height174.3cm | 5′-09″
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Saero (cat)
EducationGlobal Cyber University
Gangdong Middle School
PositionsMain Dancer, Sub Vocalist

B-BOMB Facts

  • He is a former Woollim Entertainment trainee.
  • Specialty: dance
  • He participated in the survival show Battle Shinhwa when he was 15 years old.
  • B-BOMB runs a coffee shop MUJABEE near Sookmyung Women’s University station with his friends.
  • Best Physical Trait: ears
  • He is scared of bugs and monsters.
  • Mandatory Military Service
    October 10, 2019 – April 27, 2021

JAEHYO Profile

block b jaehyo remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameJAEHYO | 재효
Full NameAhn Jaehyo | 안재효 | 安宰孝
BornDecember 23, 1990
HometownBuk-gu, Busan, South Korea
Height182cm | 6′-00″
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Father, Older Brother
EducationGlobal Cyber University
Seongseo High School → Geumgok High School
PositionSub Vocalist


  • He is a former CUBE Entertainment trainee.
  • Hobby: photography
  • He is left-handed.
  • Favorites
    Baseball Team: Lotte Giants
    Fruit: mandarin oranges
  • He likes fishing.
  • Jaehyo modeled for an online shopping mall before his debut.
  • He is scared of bugs.
  • Mandatory Military Service: waiver
  • Older Brother
    Name: Ahn Changin | 안창인
    Born: 1988
    Education: Sungkyunkwan University College of Law
    He is a prosecutor.
    He got married.

U-KWON Profile

block b u-kwon remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameU-KWON | 유권
Full NameKim Yukwon | 김유권 | 金有權
BornApril 9, 1992
HometownSouth Korea
Height175cm | 5′-09″
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Older Brother
EducationDigital Seoul Culture Arts University
Global Cyber University
Anyang Technical High School
Kwanyang Middle School
PositionsLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist

U-KWON Facts

  • He is a Christian.
  • Motto: Love makes me strong.
  • Favorites
    Comic Book: One Piece
    Food: meat
  • Chopping garlic is one of his ways to relieve stress.
  • He sleeps or watches movies on his day off.
  • Older Brother
    Name: Kim Yushin | 김유신
    Born: August 9, 1986
  • His father passed away when he was a kid.
  • Relationship Status: In a Relationship with a model Jeon Sunhye.
  • Mandatory Military Service:
    May 18, 2020 – November 21, 2021

Park Kyung Profile

block b park kyung remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
Full NamePark Kyung | 박경
BornJuly 8, 1992
HometownSouth Korea
Height171cm | 5′-08″
Blood TypeB
FamilyMother, Father, Older Sister, Younger Brother
EducationMapo Elementary School
PositionLead Rapper

Park Kyung Facts

See Park Kyung Profile & Facts for details.

ZICO Profile

block b zico remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameZICO | 지코
Full NameWoo Jiho | 우지호 | 禹智皓
BornSeptember 14, 1992
HometownMapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height182cm | 6′-00″
Blood TypeO
FamilyMother, Father, Older Brother
EducationKyung Hee University (M.A.)
Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (B.A.)
Seoul Music High School
Ahyeon Middle School
Mapo Elementary School
PositionsLeader, Main Rapper

ZICO Facts

See ZICO Profile & Facts for details.

P.O Profile

block b p.o remontage
PC: KQ Entertainment
NameP.O | 피오
Full NamePyo Jihoon | 표지훈 | 表志勳
BornFebruary 2, 1993
HometownMapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height179.7cm | 5′-11″
Shoe Size275mm
Blood TypeB
EducationGlobal Cyber University (B.A.)
Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (A.A.)
Hanlim Arts School
Joongam Middle School
Hongik Elementary School
PositionSub Rapper

P.O Facts

See P.O Profile & Facts for details.


2018 Repackage Album Re:MONTAGE
2017 6th EP MONTAGE
2017 Digital Single YESTERDAY
2016 5th EP Blooming Period
2016 Digital Single A Few Years Later
2014 4th EP HER
2014 1st Single JACKPOT
2013 3rd EP Very Good
Repackage Album Welcome to the BLOCK
2nd EP Welcome to the BLOCK
2011 1st EP New Kids On The Block
2011 Digital Single Do U Wanna B?


Members: B-BOMB, U-KWON, P.O
2019 3rd EP I’m a mess.
2015 1st EP Conduct Zero

Block B Facts

  • Fandom BBC: Block B Club
  • Park Kyung and ZICO went to the same elementary school.
  • Mandatory Military Service
    TAEIL: June 10, 2019 – January 4, 2021
    B-BOMB: October 10, 2019 – April 27, 2021
    JAEHYO: waiver
    U-KWON: May 18, 2020 – November 21, 2021
    ZICO: July 30, 2020 – April 29, 2022
    P.O: March 28, 2022 – September 27, 2023