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Extraordinary You | 어쩌다 발견한 하루
MBC Extraordinary You
GenreRomance, Fantasy
ReleaseOctober 2, 2019
BroadcastWednesdays, Thursdays 8:55 pm KST
# of Episodes32
DirectorKim Sanghyeop
WritersSong Hayoung, In Jihye
StarringKim Hyeyoon, ROWOON


Extraordinary You is a fantasy drama about a high school girl, Danoh who chooses not to follow its plot after realizing that she is one of the characters in comic book called Secret.


  • Kim Hyeyoon | Eun Danoh (18)
    Eun Danoh is so upset that she is not a main character in Secret. Therefore, she decides to change her story.
    MBC Extraordinary You
  • ROWOON | Haru (18)
    He is one of the background characters called number 13 in Secret, but Danoh names him Haru. He also starts to not follow the real story of Secret.
    MBC Extraordinary You
  • Lee Jaewook | Baek Kyung (18)
    Danoh’s fiancé, but he is rude to Danoh.
  • Lee Naeun | Yeo Juda (18)
    The most important character in Secret. She is pretty and always smiles at people.
  • Kim Youngdae | Oh Namju (18)
    The most important character in Secret. He is smart, handsome, tall and rich, but arrogant.
  • Jung Gunjoo | Lee Dohwa (18)
    The second most important character in Secret. Namju’s best friend.
  • Lee Taeri | Jinmichae
    No one knows his name, age, hometown, etc. He is just called Jinmichae (dried shredded squid). He is the one who tells Danoh about Secret.
  • Um Hyoseop | Eun Mooyoung
    Danoh’s dad.
  • Choi Jinho | Baek Daesung
    Baek Kyung’s dad.
  • Yoo Jisu | Ra Hyeyoung
    Baek Kyung’s stepmother.
  • Yoon Jonghun | Lee Juhwa (36)
    Lee Dohwa’s older brother. Danoh’s doctor.
  • Kim Jiin | Shin Saemi (18)
    Danoh’s best friend.
  • Kim Hyunmok | Ahn Soochul (18)
    Danoh’s best friend.


  • Extraordinary You is based on the webtoon July Found by Chance by Moo Ryu.
  • Kim Sanghyeop is the director of Glamorous Temptation (2015 – 2016), The King in Love (2017), etc.
  • Extraordinary You highlight video #YouTube.
  • Filming Locations:
    Keimyung University
    Busan University of Foreign Studies
    Yonsei University
    Tongwon University