Angel’s Last Mission: Love | 단, 하나의 사랑
KBS Angels Last Mission Love
GenreFantasy | Romantic Comedy
ReleaseMay 22, 2019
BroadcastWednesdays, Thursdays 10:00 pm KST
# of Episodes32
DirectorLee Jungseop
WriterChoi Yoonkyo
StarringShin Hyesun | Kim Myungsoo


Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a fantasy drama about an angel who falls in love with a haughty and cold hearted ballerina.

Lee Yeonseo (Shin Hyesun) is a beautiful and talented ballerina, but she gives up hope after vision loss from an accident. She is cold, rude, and does not understand why people fall in love.

Kim Dan (Kim Myungsoo) is an angel who makes a lot of mistakes, but stays positive all the time. He is assigned a task to complete: Be Yeonseo’s Cupid (the god of love) and look for her true love. However, he falls in love with Yeonseo.


  • Shin Hyesun | Lee Yeonseo (26)
    KBS Angel's Last Mission: Love
  • Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE L) | Kim Dan
    KBS Angel's Last Mission: Love
  • Lee Donggun | Ji Kangwoo
    The youngest artistic director of the ballet company.
  • Kim Bomi | Keum Nina (26)
    The most loved ballerina who thinks Yeonseo is a rival.
  • Do Jiwon | Choi Youngja (58)
    Luna and Nina’s mom. General director of the ballet company who has a strong desire for fame and wealth.
  • Kim Inkwon | Hoo
  • Woo Heejin | Jung Yumi
    Yeonseo’s assistant who supports Yeonseo and Dan.
  • Gil Eunhye | Keum Luna (30)
    Nina’s sister who hates Yeonseo.
  • Kim Seungwook | Keum Kichun (55)
    Luna and Nina’s dad.
  • Lee Yena | Hwang Jungeun
    Ballerina who was a soloist. Took a demotion after leaving the ballet company for 6 months due to pregnancy.
  • Lee Hwaryoung | Park Kwangil
    Executive director of the ballet company. Youngja’s right-hand man.
  • Lee Jeyeon | Ki Joonsoo
    Staff at the ballet company.
  • Jang Hyunsung | Secretary Cho
    Cameo. Yeonseo’s secretary.


  • Lee Jungseop is the director of Bread, Love and Dreams (2010), My Lawyer, Mr. Joe Season 1 (2016), Queen For Seven Days (2017), etc.
  • Choi Yoonkyo is the writer of Lucky Romance (2016).
  • It is the first Korean drama about ballet.
  • Do Jiwon and Kim Bomi are actresses who majored in dance.
  • First script reading #YouTube