Abyss | 어비스
tvN Abyss
ReleaseMay 6, 2019
BroadcastMondays, Tuesdays 9:30 pm KST
# of Episodes16
NetworktvN | NETFLIX
DirectorYoo Jewon
WriterMoon Sooyeon
StarringPark Boyoung | Ahn Hyoseop


Abyss is a fantasy drama about a man and a woman who are reborn into completely different looks through Abyss, the soul-reviving stone. After revivals, they chase the murderer.

Cha Min (Ahn Seha) is Lan Cosmetics, the #1 cosmetics company heir who has the bottom 0.1% visual in the world. However, he obtains Abyss and gets revived with an attractive face after his death in a UFO accident. He (Ahn Hyoseop) starts a new and happy life.

Go Seyeon (Kim Sarang) is a beautiful prosecutor who is murdered by someone. She gets revived through Min’s Abyss, but she (Park Boyoung) is not beautiful anymore.


  • Park Boyoung | Go Seyeon (31)
    tvN Abyss
  • Ahn Hyoseop | Cha Min (32)
    tvN Abyss
  • Lee Sungjae | Oh YeongCheol
    Surgeon. Professor of Emergency Medicine.
  • Lee Sieon | Park Dongcheol (35)
  • Yun Yoosun | Um Aelan
    Min’s mom. Lan Cosmetics CEO
  • Han Sohee | Jang Huijin (30)
    Min’s ex fiancée
  • Kwon Soohyun | Seo Jiuk (34)
  • Ha Sungkwang | Go Changsoo
    Seyeon’s dad. Fried chicken restaurant owner.
  • Park Sungyeon | Park Misoon
    Min’s nanny
  • Lee Daeyeon | Seo Chunsik
    Jiwook’s dad. Judge.
  • Song Sangeun | Lee Mido (33)
    Attorney at Park & Chang Law Firm
  • Lee Chulmin | Park Giman
    Bereaved father
  • Shim Yoonbo | Secretary Kim
  • Kim Sungbeom | Detective Choi
  • Kim Sarang | Go Seyeon
    Cameo. Before the revival.
  • Ahn Seha | Cha Min
    Cameo. Before the revival.
  • Seo Inguk
  • Jung Somin


  • Yoo Jewon is the director of Oh My Ghost (2015), Tomorrow, With You (2017), The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018), etc.
  • First script reading #YouTube